About East Valley Baseball

(A Competitive Independent Youth League in ARIZONA)

East Valley BaseBall plays as close to real baseball rules as they can while keeping safety considerations a priority.  We currently play games at Espee and Pima Parks in the City of Chandler, Arizona.  We offer several divisions for all ages and experience levels up to the age of 16.  We allow complete teams to register and stay together as they progress through the divisions. To develop and grow as teammates will promote and maintain friendships while providing a fun learning environment for the players.

Mike and Joanna Fritz have been involved with the league since it started in 2003. The league was orginally a collaboration between Greg Krajewski and Matt Williams and was called MWBB (Matt Williams BaseBall.) In 2006 Mike officially changed the name of the league to EVBB (East Valley BaseBall.)

In 2009, Greg left the organization and a new corporation was set up and filed with the AZ Corporation Commission.  Mike and Joanna have maintained the EVBB name and are still a non-profit organization accepting contributions to run the program and operation expenses.

There are a lot of parents and coaches that have grown with this league and have a vested interest in the direction it is going.  A lot of folks have volunteered throughout the years and enjoy the ‘East Valley Baseball Family.’  It is because of these volunteers that EVBB is where it is today.

East Valley BaseBall is an independent league in the fact that we don't have a national organization dictating how we have to run our operation and set our rules. The 'joke' is that we "make up our rules as we go."

We have a strong dedicated board of advisors with a lot of exciting ideas.  We still incorporate a “majority rules” approach with the guidance of the league. We hold coaches meetings to vote on rule changes and to get input on what they would like to see changed. We still believe that the coaches who are helping this league should have an opinion on how it is run.

The current mindset is to be a competitive league that prepares the youth players to compete on their Jr. High and High School teams. We have a lot of teams that compete in national tournaments (and are at times ranked #1 in the country for their age divisions.) The coaches give a lot of input as to the direction youth baseball is going, keeping the league paralelled with those trends. This input and guidance filters down to our younger divisions preparing them for competitive success.